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CEREC Technology

Dr. Hughes, CEREC available, Glendale, AZ Dentist

In the past, dental procedures were often not only costly, but time consuming as well. It was not unusual for several visits to be necessary in order to accomplish the treatment plan with proper results. Fortunately as technology has improved, the long delays and strenuous appointment keeping have become things of the past. Thanks to CEREC especially, people who need dental crowns are in a better position than ever to correct the damage or decay of a tooth without the need for multiple visits.;">

CEREC allows you to improve your smile in just hours. If you've ever needed to have a permanent crown put on one of your teeth, you know it usually takes more than one appointment, more than one shot of Novocain and more than a little bit of patience. CEREC gives patients new, permanent crowns in just one day.

The process for CEREC to work is pretty straightforward. When the patient arrives at the office, Dr. Hughes and his staff prep the teeth and repair any problems, such as decay. From that point, a specially designed camera is used to take highly detailed pictures of the teeth, including size, shape and color of the original teeth to be treated. The final step involves the CEREC machine once again. It is used to design the crown, filling or veneer needed to restore the tooth’s health and appearance. The dentist then cements the custom designed restoration properly and the work is done. One appointment is all that is necessary to restore the tooth’s appearance and health!

Besides the time-saving convenience, a couple of things to consider with CEREC are the final appearances of the fillings, veneers or crowns, and their durability. Thanks to the precise nature of the CEREC system, patients can be assured that we will do our best to match your restoration as close as possible to your natural teeth. There is no reason to worry about the crowns looking out of place or attracting negative attention. Additionally, since the crowns, veneers and fillings are made from a ceramic composite patients can also be assured that the CEREC created material is durable and intended to last.